Children’s Writing

Several years ago I wrote an educational e-book and edited ninety-five college student e-books for children in Uganda, Ghana, and Sierra Leone. It was a lot of work, but I loved it and when the program ended I looked for new ways to write for children. That’s when I began writing for children’s magazines. So far, I’ve published articles about manatee hair, birds with really long bills, pirates, the brain, and even Thanksgiving. Find fun facts from these articles and more below.

My picture books are represented by Tracy Marchini at BookEnds Literary Agency. I write about women in the natural sciences. At the moment, I am particularly interested in the areas of botany, entomology, and malacology.


Fun facts from “Water Fleas, Transform!” Muse Magazine, May/June 2017:


Fun facts from “Use It or Lose It,” Odyssey Magazine, March 2015:


Fun facts from “Beware of Pirates,” AppleSeeds Magazine, November/December 2014:


Fun facts from “The Real First Thanksgiving?,” AppleSeeds Magazine, November/December 2014:


Fun facts from”Amazing and Unusual Birds,” Nature Friend, February 2014:


Fun facts from “Hair that Feels,” Ask Magazine, March 2013:


Fun facts from “Finding Ways to Save Them,” purchased by AppleSeeds Magazine, April 2015:


Fun facts from “What’s That Smell,” purchased by Highlights for Children, August 2013:


Other fun facts I have come across in my research:



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